These are the tools needed for installation they will be included with your quote.

Drill template - a 14 gauge electro-galvanized sheet of steel with your spacing. Use a 3/8" drill bit drilling.

Dispensing gun, mixing tip and adhesive - Used to squeeze epoxy into holes, when finished remove mixing tip, apply cap and save the two part adhesive.

DW Dot - Different types of metal are used for different shades and colors. Stainless steel 303 & 316, brass and bronze. Black oxide treatment can be use to finished stainless to a black finished.

Most importantly ever single peice left over can be saved and reused on another field, NO WASTE.

US Patent # 7,249,911

Product Description

DW dots can be installed onsite after the walking surface is installed or cured or they can be installed offsite in a marble, granite or paver stone prior to a tile installation.
You can install any spacing pattern that your project requires.

DW Dots are accurately made with precise tolerances and appearance. We make our product out of solid stainless steel 316L & 303, solid brass, and solid bronze. Certificates of prof available upon request.
All dome materials and workmanship are 100 % US made.

This system is truly a flush mounted system. Every day washing or cleaning will not create drainage problems or standing water. Loose debris will not be trapped like the reassessed or surface applied products have. DW Dots does not have those trip problems that you deal with when you install the glue or pinned down mats can be if you don't properly maintain them. Lawsuits can be very costly! Save your self the troubles and Use DW Dots

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